Why Magnus Fireworks?

At Magnus, we design products with incredible effects, top-notch performance, consistent quality, and attractive packaging to support your sales. Our goal is to provide quality fireworks that help you build a strong reputation, earn loyal customers, and maximize the value of your inventory purchase.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier and solid brand from China, Magnus Fireworks is your best choice.

How can I trust your brand if I am a new customer?

We work hard to create quality fireworks and brands you can trust. We would be more than happy to provide you with two or more existing U.S. clients as references.

When should I place my order for Christmas/New Year or July 4th season?

The timing of order placement is critical. Normally for a Christmas/New Year season order, you should place your order as early as May and no later than August 20. There is a high-heat ban on fireworks production, typically lasting from July 15 to August 30.

For a July 4th season order, the best time to place your order is before September 30, preferably in August. If you are able to do so, you have a higher possibility of getting your containers loaded before Chinese New Year. We typically ship all July 4th season containers by the middle of the following May. If you missed the order window, please request our current inventory levels by emailing magnusfireworks@gmail.com.

Can you provide some special items like overloads or flash powder breaking?

Sorry, we cannot. All Magnus Fireworks products follow the CPSC regulations and pass AFSL testing.

Can you custom labels for us?

Yes we can! We can produce and design your private label products with Magnus Fireworks high quality standards and top factories. Normally there is a MOQ (minimum order quantity) of 200 cases per item to start. Our design team can offer free designing service on your product artwork.

Do you have any products for last-minute ordering?

Yes, we have year round stock available for ordering. You will typically get the most selection of products during February to April. You can ask us for a full list via email: magnusfireworks@gmail.com. We typically can load your containers immediately after you order.

Do you have any Pro Line products?

Yes, our trademarked brand "Neon Fireworks" is a high quality, professional style line of consumer fireworks. Please check our Neon Fireworks section for more information.

Do you sell any value or generic products?

Yes, our trademarked brand "Magvalue Fireworks" is a high quality, high value product line developed by Magnus. We recently designed all new labels and increased the quality of our Magvalue Fireworks products, which will maximize sales for your business and add value for your customers.

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