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Magnus Fireworks is a rapidly growing quality designer brand being imported to all over the world from top factories in China for over 10 years. We are making great efforts to provide clients high quality and marketing design products at a reasonable cost. We want our clients to obtain greater value and build up a good reputation by selling our products to buyers.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier and solid brand from China, Magnus Fireworks would be your best choice. We are here to serve your needs and looking forward to building a brilliant future together!

We present 3 great brands: Magnus Fireworks, Neon Fireworks and Magvalue Fireworks.

Our premium consumer 1.4G fireworks brand including most popular categories in the USA market.

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Magnus Fireworks


A top pro line for our customers. Our pro line are designed with great pro effects but still meet to UN0336 1.4G standards      currently so they can be used for fireworks shows by both pyro hobbies and common consumers.

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Neon Fireworks

A quality value product line by Magnus Fireworks. Magvalue Fireworks products have all-new designed labels and better quality which can bring greater value to your customers.

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Magvalue Fireworks
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