Red, White & Blue, the Patriotic Colors of Celebration

Issuing time:2018-03-15 22:55

On American celebration occasions, fireworks show parties, sporting events, we sing our national anthem.

We stand still, at ease, our right arm on our chest, and we respectively vocalize the well penned lyrics with

careful harmonized melody, and proudly enjoy red, white and blue patriotic colors in the sky!

NF120 RWB Asst. Effect.jpg 

RWB Asst. NF120 is a perfect cake suit for a fireworks party show. Either shooting them before singing

national anthem, or setting a show finale, RWB Asst. will very impress audience memory. For the product

video, please go for Product--Neon Fireworks section to find this item detail information.

NF120 RWB Asst..png

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